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Tarot Justice Magick

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

As someone mentioned this in a recent group I belong to let me tell you a little bit about using the Tarot Card Justice from the Rider Waite deck in magick. From the Shamanic methodology your uses of this can range from ceremonial and alter work to vision questing. A combination of both is potent but for this small bit of writing we are focusing on the use of this in the vision questing form.

You will begin with the most basic visualization, the room of Justice. Upon the walls are pictures of judges, rulers from the past, and important figures who have inspired you on the path of justice. As you enter this vision recognize yourself as the role of justice and in your strong hand is the sword of justice. Take a moment to focus the energies and powers of this idea into that sword. Feel the heavy weight of it. While it is heavy and present notice it also moves through the air quickly. In your weaker hand are the scales. These will weigh heavily upon your arm and be held down to your side. They are the collector for the energy of justice but also the weight of decision to be placed upon your weakest point. With these scales creating weight you walk over to a mirror within the room and in that mirror instead of yourself you see the one who has harmed you. You recognize in this that by striking at the essence of them within you, it then moves into the universe to strike them within the world for their crimes. Knowing the blade can only cut so much drive it through the mirror and watch it ripple like water disrupted until their image is removed. Withdraw the sword from the mirror and see that you now only see your self.

Return to the seat of justice and feel the weight of the scales has now lessened and return from your journey.

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