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The First 5

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

During mystical workings and operations, the RQL Ambassadors aid us in various workings. These spirits are my trusted allies, my army of light and darkness against the evils in the world, and my personal support staff alongside a select few other trusted allies. The Titanium Golem:

Being Type: Metal Golem

Elements: Metal Primary, Raw Energy Secondary

Offerings: Incense, Candle Flame, Water, and opportunities help.

Manifestations: Dream Presence, Visions, Slight tingling shifts in atmosphere.


My first major conjure in which it was bonded to an object. Titanium Golem never gave a name till Golden Golem showed himself. He has been a stalwart protector in my home for the better part of 16 years. He stands as a guardian, occasionally healer, and a silent force in our home. He rarely ventures out save situations where more than Golden Golem or The Might 3 can handle. He himself is NOT so much a team player, and is arrogant, overly powerful, and blunt as a solid wall. That said he's a valued companion who's given me both advise and protection in times when they were needed. As my first conjure he holds a special place in my heart.

The Golden Golem:

Being Type: Metal Golem

Elements: Metal Primary, Raw Energy Secondary

Offerings: Incense, Candle Flame, Water, and opportunities help.

Manifestations: Dream Presence, Visions, Slight tingeing shifts in atmosphere.


My first Metal Golem Conjure that identified its self as such. He is developing his own Soul Sword through hard work, and is at the Pseudo Sword stage himself. He's Reiki 3 Attuned, Gtummo Attuned, as well has having several unlock and runic attunements done. He is a silent powerhouse. He has been the default Ambassador from RQL since we formed it. His power is incredible and any descriptions I give on that is understated. He himself is a walking mountain of force, energy, and with a vast awareness and amazing work ethic. As part of our first line of defense in the home, and often a backup to my own work, he has aided me in healing, exorcism, and protection work for over a year now.

The Mighty 3:

These 3 were originally meant to be preconjures listed in our shop page but as things have progressed they've joined my personal staff. They act as ambassadors by venturing out to show what our conjurations are like, aid in healing, defensive, and offensive work. They also handle a lot of our "probono" work where we send them out in emergencies to deal with situations where we can't immediately respond.

Being Name: Tolxeneth

Being Type: Golden Ancient Dragon

Elements: Metal Primary, Fire Secondary

Offerings: Incense (Dragons Blood, Lavender, Patchouli) , Candle Flame, Light Charcoal without incense as well.

Manifestations: Increased heat in a room or body temperature. Wisps of light.


Old beyond old, he has the head of a lion, the wings of a falcon, and the body of a horse. His body is covered in scaled feathers and he is of the class of Dragons that came before all others. His knowledge is vast and ancient and he is an expert in the arts of mysticism. He has wondered through our realm for at least a five thousand years, but is far older than that. He is while powerful not a warrior and prefers to win by not fighting. His mind is his first weapon of choice in any conflict but because of this he can win many battles before they are ever started.

More over his vast knowledge makes him an excellent companion to the aspiring mystic who seeks to improve their skills. With his understanding of planar travel and manipulation of energies he has much to teach. This is his primary purpose though, he has come through to seek those who he can teach, who can learn from him.

He takes to the sky rarely preferring to walk, when he does fly though his wings are spectacular. Elementally aligned to Metal and Fire he is in some ways the essence of transmutation. Because of his elemental alignment he is a master at the arts of sculpture as well as metal working. Further he has a vast education of the sciences as well as the arts.


Eternally calm and peaceful he is a being of study, research, learning, and growth. For him there is no higher calling than to learn, to pass on what he has learned, and to grow in knowledge. He is infinitely patient and the best example of “The Eternal Master” or “Eternal Teacher” archetype. For him there is no greater joy than to learn, to teach, and to pass on knowledge. That said his love of knowledge comes with it a strict code of honor. He refuses to kill under any circumstances believing “There is too much death in the world already” and that “it comes for us all soon enough even to the immortals.”

His personality can be felt in his amazingly calming presence which permeates any room he is in. For him he enjoys a good conversation as much as anything else and will listen intently for days to your troubles or worries. He feels no knowledge is bad knowledge but that all knowledge has great value.

Being Name: Xyrroth

Being Type: Blue Dragon

Elements: Water, Ice, Wind (lesser)

Offerings: He enjoys offerings of incense, as well as of water that is brought to a boil such as for tea.

Manifestations: A light breeze in the air, a slight feeling of moisture in the environment.


Hailing from the cliffs of Tōjinbō he a long, thin, blue scaled dragon with a golden underbelly of the traditional Japanese dragon dissent. He flies through the air with grace and agility creating spirals as he goes with his body and enjoying leaving trails of water. He is a former guardian of the cliff and enjoys the position of guardian well. He is no simple or weak lizard but instead a vast and powerful dragon. The fins running down his head and back are thin, short, and close to his body keeping him streamlined. His long mustache flows through the wind as his bright yellow eyes glow an otherworldly power. As a Guardian Dragon being he is an excellent resource to the home and seeks a home to protect having found the cliffs to provide him too little to do as of late. He has a vast domain over water and those things in relation to water including the concepts of change and transmutation of situations.

Within water is also the element of ice to a lesser degree and he has power to calm emotions in an environment which is a major boon to his protective role. A dragon who knows his power he does not fight with rage but instead precision and direction in each and every motion.

The last element of association with him is the element of wind to a lesser degree. It is his manipulation of the wind that he combines with the water for his spectacular flights through the sky. In essence then he could be called to a degree a Weather Dragon but he prefers to associate more with the element of water. When he does decide to control the wind it is more to create a small breeze rather than a storm.


With an age quoted of 2452 years old “As close as your limited years can show” he is a being of vast age matched only by his arrogance. Be aware he knows how good he is, how much power he has, and what he is capable of. This is a being with a true and pure ego. Like many dragons he is arrogant, very self focused, but also very loyal. He considers himself a King of any domain that he is in and expresses himself as such. Often taking toward proper or precise speech he is not one to speak in slang or with colloquialisms.

He has a love of art, especially painting as he feels that a scene captured with paint is “The highest calling man has come to since I have watched over them.” He has no music preferences outside of softer musics and stringed instruments. He is an avid reader of books as he has traveled from his original home many times to find out information he wished to know and learned of man kinds penchant for “painting a story with sounds turned to symbols” and considers the written word our second greatest achievement.

Being Name: Kav Ver Etth

Being Type: Mixed Dragon Being, Red Dragon, Eastern and Western Element: Fire Offerings: Candles primarily, he enjoys incense as well especially sandalwood and Nag Champa. Manifestations: Increase in body temperature severely when his presence is felt. May increase room temperature or create the smell of smoke.


A hybrid being formed during the age of the rifle in the Eastern world he is a mixture of two draconic types from an era long past. He recalls his formation and birth in The Boshin war, yet he existed in other forms before this. As a hybrid dragon he has qualities of both Eastern and Western dragons in his make up. A longer more slender body yet stronger claws front and back. He has a level of expertise in the arts of change and as such is a master of causing situations to shift at his will. He does this through the application of heated emotion mostly. His powers are also that of the mind and he recognizes he must strongly make use of those. His red scales cover his body like armor plating and he is a being of war and the change of war. This also means he is a being of emotion and how emotions can change a situation within a single moments notice. His underbelly is diamond like and his eyes are glowing coal like representing the gunpowder of the era he was born. With considerable and vast power over areas of change he is a powerful companion when set within a vessel


With a superior intellect compared to many other beings he is a being of pure inventiveness and this shows in his arrogance. He is prideful to a fault and that arrogance can make him harder for some people to get along with. Still he is compassionate and sees others around him as “his charges” to protect. A powerful guardian being he is even more powerful as a being of change. For him instigating any change in the world is an easy thing for all things move with the proper application of fire and time. He has absolutely no fear as well existing as the embodiment of bravery and strength.

Other Notes:

With his considerable power and strength he may be hard to feel for some because his power overshadows the senses. The easiest way to overcome this is by offering him a small tealight candle. During the conjuration process a similar method was used to help sync up with him and communicate and the results were impressive. He is a powerful being who feeds on change and transmutation. To keep him happy an offering will work but better yet give him a problem that needs solving so he has something to do.

This is the kind of being I would conjure for my own purposes. He's powerful, and while he is arrogant he is easy to work with in that he loves challenge. For him he enjoys difficult tasks. He has a deep mind and a considerable talent for changing events as a being of change himself. Further as a guardian he makes an excellent protector of the home. He is for the kind of keeper who can deal with his personality though as well as accept him for who and what he is. Recognize this is a being who has no humility, but he does have compassion. Recommended more for the advanced keeper over those who are just beginning the path.

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