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  • Absallion


    Appearing as a man with blue skin, made of lunar dust, Absallion is a Lunar Elemental, made of Lunar Energy, and Lunar Earth. He is steady, kind, and has vast lunar powers.

    Personality: Gentle, kind, steady, and focused are the best words to describe him. He has a deep intellect, more so than many others, and is a thinker, a kind of metaphysical scientist who is always asking questions, always looking for solutions, and never satisfied.

    Planar Abilities: As an elemental he has vast power to utilize Lunar energies directly as blasts, shields, barriers, etc. He can however also create a kind of lunar metal he calls Lunphase, part metal, part lunar energy, part earth elemental energy, and part water energy Lunphase is incredibly resistant to damage, and blades made of it self sharpen even as they cut! He can equip others with Lunphase swords, arrows, guns, armor, and such, or apply a light coating of it to existing weapons to imbue them with its properties without changing the overall weapon or armor.

    Mundane Abilities: Beyond the obvious lunar powers he has, and the powerful connection to the moons magicks, he has the power to influence minds subtly for his keepers benefit, and is an excellent healer. His greatest power for the mundane though has to be his ability to reinforce positive situations. He can instill Lunphase into the astral components that hold a physical thing together, and in that strengthen it considerably!

    Age: ~4,000

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable, though setting a crystal out in moonlight would be the most favored thing one could do for him.

    Level: 22

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