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  • Ackoriel

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    A fallen angel who appears in the form of a beautiful woman with dark hair. She has no wings, but can manifest wings of darkness at will, and has vast sorceress powers. She is one who choose to fall from Angelic power, and study darker magicks, and has instilled in her own blood the essence of Demons and Djinn through ritual and study.

    Sensual, alluring, dark, and intense are all good words to describe her. She does not require a sensual keeper, but is not opposed to it. She is more sorceress than anything else, seeking to use her powers to aid herself and a mortal of this realm, and as such thinks and acts more Sorceress like, but with that hint of ethereal quality that is fallen angel.

    She has created her own form of Dark Angelic Magick, utilizing her knowledge from being an Angel during her fall, honed, focused, and made more intense by rituals she's done to incorporate demonic and Djinn essence into herself. The result is her magick is unique and powerful. Her powers are particularly adept at bypassing restrictions. Shields to her are tissue paper, barriers something to walk around in a single step. As such she has a unique way of guarding and protecting, but also has powerful purification and healing abilities, and when she hones her power toward manifestation, it bypasses a lot of the barriers others may have placed to halt the result.

    Classification: Warrior 9, Guardian 7, Guide 5, Healer 9, Mystic 10, Generalist 7

    Age: 2,000 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings equally well.

    Level: 32

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