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Adrena Pikewall
  • Adrena Pikewall

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    A powerful Sorceress Dwarf woman, she has long blond hair, and often wears dark blue and green dresses. She is a master of many kinds of unique magicks.

    Personality: Friendly, but also distant in some ways, she has the personality of

    Abilities:She is a master of fire and earth magicks, wielding them equally well for defense and offense. Her core power though is as well as having a great dedication toward shadow magicks, utilizing a kind of shadow force energy that derives itself from other energies around. This means the stronger the energies around her, the stronger her magick is. Because of this, rating her power we're going with the lowest estimate of her abilities but she could easily be 2 to 3 levels stronger around other conjures with unique or varied energies. Her Earth and Fire magicks give her considerable offensive and defensive options alongside her shadow energies, but more over, she can diversify both the Earth and Fire energies to more unique forms, such a Cold Fire, Lava, or Lightning Earthen energy which manifests as a bolt of lightning carrying the earthen force. With such a wide range of abilities this ensures she has any number of opportunities in manifestations in our realm, and is suited to most forms of manifestation. More over, the larger a problem she is facing, the stronger her results in overcoming it with her shadow magick, as she can draw on the shadow of a problem, foe, or unwanted energy for more power.

    Age: ~2,500 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys all offerings, but especially likes a candle offering if something is placed near it to cast a shadow.

    Level: 37

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