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Agretha Snowfall
  • Agretha Snowfall

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    A powerful Gnome woman who often wears all ice blue. Her family lineage grants them vast power over the element of ice, and she is the strongest wielder of that ice power in several generations.

    Personality: Friendly, compassionate, and very focused. She has a deep mind, and is very contemplative, but enjoys humor and music of all kinds.

    Abilities: Her vast power over ice are hard to fully explain. She has power to control and move ice in the realms on a scale measured at around 300 billion tons, 300+ cubic kilometers, of ice at will. More over though she can condense that ice energy into pure energy constructs. A dagger of “pure ice” is the equivalent of those billions of tons of ice condensed into a handle and blade, weighing almost nothing, and anything it cutting freezing with the intensity of the aforementioned ice. Her shields are intense, and a blast of pure ice from her will stop almost anything in its tracks. She can use her ice as a manifier as well, using pure ice energy to focus other magicks, and she has some skill over all other elemental, planetary, and gnomic rune magicks. This means given a few seconds to set up a focusing lense, she can shift her magick into new and magnificent ways. Her powers are strong enough she can freeze a space temporally causing time to stop, or even make the dimensional barriers weak enough to shatter by freezing.

    Age:~800 Years

    Offerings: An piece of ice in a cup is always welcome, or a glass of pure (spring or distilled) water.

    Level: 42

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