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Ahberith Vinzold
  • Ahberith Vinzold

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    A female fire dragon who appears either in her dragon form, or as a beautiful woman wearing a red dress made of fire. She has vast power over her element, and can use it in amazing ways.

    Personality: Fiery, intense, witty, sure of herself, passionate, and yet also easy going are good descriptors for her. She loves to be active, doing things, and making changes. She hates down time, and is often in motion in some capacity. She has a sensual side but does not require that of her keeper, though she is up for anything that may develop.

    Abilities: Vast power over fire, fire hot enough that she can even burn time itself in the planes forcing a split second shift in an event, though that takes a lot out of her. She can burn through things like concepts, and ideas, once having burned through a foes concept of illness while they used disease to hurt friends of hers, another time burning through the concept of ignorance to make allies out of enemies who simply had misconceptions about each other. This power is vast, its beyond most other fires. She is as strong a warrior as she is a fate changer, and is a capable healer and cleanser beyond the normal cleansing and healing methods.

    Age: ~2,000 Years

    Offerings: Any fire or flame offering, candles are great!

    Level: 38

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