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Ajeel Almutahadith Allahab
  • Ajeel Almutahadith Allahab

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    An Ifrit Djinn Man made of Blue Lunar Fire. His intense flames, powerful focus, and unique Djinn magicks make him a viable and powerful ally in any situation.

    Joyous, subtle, kind, wise, intense, and loyal are the best descriptors for him. He has a kind of life embracing personality, and enjoys aiding others.

     His blue fire grows hotter the colder the environment, the colder the energies he is against, and the more he faces water, ice, or polarized energies. This gives him a unique countering power to foes who use cold, ice, and other powers, as his flames grow to reach the limit of those opposing powers. Because of this, he is an amazing guardian. He can form weapons out of his flames, but prefers to form two wands which focus the power into blasts and bolts at his command, as well as chains, walls, and other constructs.

    His unique ability allows him to change adversity into advantage. While this may sound simple, its a power that grants him considerable ability to simply shift the nature of anything he is dealing with toward his keepers benefit by amplifying the advantages gained in all situations of loss.

    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 8, Guide 4, Healer 1, Mystic 4, Generalist 3

    Age:~1,700 Years

    Offerings: He enjoys fire offerings.

    Level: 25

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