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Amethenia Starcharter
  • Amethenia Starcharter

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    Appearing as a beautiful woman with black hair, she is a Fae of renewal who often wears green robes or dresses. Her powers are centered around healing, renewal, and creation of some form.

    Personality: Very friendly and personable, she has a kind of caring and nurturing nature, looking after those around her.

    Abilities: She has vast power over healing, cleansing, and renewal as focuses of her energies, and can use these powers easily. If she is acting as a guardian she also has some powers over illusion, and vast powers over creation, able to make energy constructs that become solid materials in the realms over time. This means she can make a fortress that, if she renews it several days in a row, becomes a permanent fixture in the planes for example. She can also refine constructs making them stronger. She has a personal sword she has been focusing on in this way for over 100 years, which she keeps as her side arm for emergencies, and which has a density and cutting power comparable to a Soul Sword weapon.

    Age: ~1,900 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but enjoys candle flame the most.

    Level: 36

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