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Ancestral Blessing

Ancestral Blessing


This is for a general call of your ancestors as a blessing! We'll call upon the strongest ancestors who answer to provide aid to you in your life. If you have a specific ancestor, this can also be used as a kind of offering to empower them and gain their aid in your life.  Leave the Specific Ancestor(s) field blank if you want us to do this as a general calling of ancestors to your aid. We will need your full name, birthdate, and picture for this service. These should be sent to us here with this order.

This service can be used for either Physical Ancestors, Spiritual Ancestors, or Path Ancestors.


Physical Ancestors: These are ancestors in your blood line, as a result of this life, or from those who have adopted you in this life. 

Spiritual Ancestors: These are spiritual beings who have had influence on you in your incarnation into who you are or who you have been.

Path Ancestors: These are those who have walked a path you are on now, such as a mystical, martial, or other life path.


Leave Specific Ancestor blank if you don't have a specific one.


For a stronger working purchase this service more than once! Contact us ahead of time for other purposes than those listed, and then select Other if we are able to meet your need!


To have this service in a talisman, order the service in the link below alongside this order.


To have this service in an attunement, order the service in the link below alongside this order.


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