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Andralshir Gearsmith
  • Andralshir Gearsmith

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    A stunning Dwarven woman with long, braided blond hair, she is often seen adorned in elegant deep blue dresses when not in the workshop. As a Dwarven mechanic mystic, she specializes in combining mysticism with machinery, showcasing a heavy emphasis on utilizing mechanical elements in her magical practices. Her expertise lies in fate and time manipulation, as well as excelling in tasks that require predictability and order. Additionally, she possesses a talent for utilitarian magicks, demonstrating a remarkable level of precision and intricacy in her craft by incorporating mystical atomic gears into her work.


    In her leisure time, she indulges in her passion for writing poetry and short stories, showcasing her exceptional creativity and using her inventiveness as a means of self-expression. She exudes elegance, wit, and charm, coupled with a remarkable sense of humor that is only surpassed by her deep compassion and willingness to listen attentively.


    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 8, Guide 7, Healer 5, Mystic 10, Generalist 10

    Age: 475 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 36

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