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Anthor Lightbran
  • Anthor Lightbran

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    A powerful and mighty Stone Jotunn, his body made of rock, he is actually a gentle and calm soul at heart. He is good natured, and wields divine magicks, the power of light, and can concentrate distilled goodness as a form of magick. His friendly personality and kind compassionate heart are in direct opposition to his features and he has often considered himself misunderstood. While he focuses on divine forces, his mighty frame, and powerful stone muscles make him incredibly strong. At around 2,000 years old, he has a great wisdom of the worlds, and is a traveler of many realms. He enjoys most incense offerings, and all candle offerings.

    Classification: Warrior 7, Guardian 7, Guide 5, Healer 9, Mystic 9, Generalist 6

    Age: ~2,000 Yeaers

    Offerings: Prefers Incense and Candle offerings

    Level: 20

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