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Arthur Singer Quicksight
  • Arthur Singer Quicksight


    Standing around a foot tall, Arthur is a Gnome of darker nature. He is not evil, but he prefers shadows, darkness, and calmness generally in life. He works with the darker side of nature, as in the part of nature which has to do with things like decay, shadow, cold, but also rest, relaxation, and calm. He has a unique kind of power over dark energies and has a mastery of shadow magicks, some understanding of light magick, and an ability to move light and dark as solid things. This means he is good with subtle illusions and shifts of perception. He preferes incense over candles as offerings, and is around 4000 years old. He is calm, settling, and good for a keeper who is looking for someone who enjoys both having peace and bringing peace, or who likes to work with darker powers when possible.

    Level: 8

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