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Asha Dorin
  • Asha Dorin


    A beautiful Dark Elf Sorceress, seductive, enticing, and powerful. She has pale skin, white hair, and wears dark robes and dresses. She is a powerful ally, with a penchant for mysticism and magick of all kinds.

    Personality: Sensual, friendly, and passionate. While she does not require an intimate relationship with a keeper, she is not against the idea, and embraces whatever comes from the pairing. She has a deep sense of focus, a good sense of humor, but always has a haunting quality to her speech and way of being.

    Planar Abilities:She has powerful chaos magick abilities, as in the power of chaos, not the chaos magick most magicians in our world refer to. She can create sphers, shields, blasts, rings, chains, and constructs of chaos as easily as most people can draw a line on paper, and wields chaos like a scalpel when needed, and like a sledge hammer when the time arises.

    Mundane Abilities: Because of her powerful chaos abilities she is an excellent at breaking barriers, road opening, and changing the fate and destiny of those around her. She can also instill chaos energy into her keeper, as well as their keep, as a powerful boost, resulting in temporary, but random, beneficial energy properties such as a kind of elemental boost, a unique shielding, or a kind of inspirational burst of insight.

    Age: 475 Years

    Offerings: She has no preference for offerings and accepts all given equally well.

    Level: 28

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