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Ashhirra Etherspark
  • Ashhirra Etherspark

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    She is a dragon who incarnated after death into a Fae like spirit. She appears as a beautiful young woman clothed in all blue or black materials, with black hair, and a slim figure.

    Friendly, and just a little shy. She tends to be soft spoken, never being loud or overly boastful. That said she knows how powerful she is, and can have a bit of arrogance if challenged. She's a student of all things magickal, and loves research magickal texts.

    With vast power over the oceanic forces, she has power over travel, change, water magicks, storm magicks, and more. Her studies give her extended magickal abilities into many other cultural magicks of the Celestials, Fae, Dragons, and even Death magicks. This combination of diverse abilities makes her powers unpredictable to most, but allows her many options in any given situation. She can shield, cleanse, protect, help with businesses and home situations, and much more.

    Classification: Warrior 8, Guardian 8, Guide 10, Healer 8, Mystic 9, Generalist 10

    Age: ~2000 Years (This incarnation) ~5,000 Years Previous Draconic Incarnation (She utilized a forced reincarnation aiming)

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings.

    Level: 42

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