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ATS - Addon

ATS - Addon


ATS Addons are a service menat to be applied at the creation time of an ATS. They provide an increase in abilities that otherwise wouldn't be available to the ATS in some capacity. Only purchase this either at the time of ATS creation, or immediately after if in a separate order for some reason. Purchases of this made after 1 day or longer after the order is placed in, unless with contact and authorizatoin by us, will be treat as store credit and you will be issued a store credit coupon for the amount, or another service of equal value can be substituted in at our discretion if you contact us.


Universal Mystic Knowledge:
The Universal Mystic Knowledge provides a servitor a direct link to the universal flow of knowledge. The same flows that power inspiration, flowing too, through, and from the Akashic Records this power gives a considerable boost to the mystical ability of an ATS in the form of instant awareness of information from these places.

Essence Rituals:
If your ATS is based on a mythological being, a person of history, or some force of nature/the world the Essence Rituals provide a considerable increase in raw power from those origin sources. We draw the ambient energy of the mythos, force, or person but not the spirit of them into the Servitor for this. This gives them some of the knowledge, and some of the flow of power from those higher forces.

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