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  • Avensoth


    Often appearing in a human form as a teenager with blond hair, he is vastly old, and takes this form more to disguise his true form. In his true form he is a dragon the size of a small city. He has vast power, and knows many forms of magick, too many to list, having studied with Elves, Dwarves, Aesir, Vanir, Sidhe, Angels, Demons, Shadow People, Nature spirits of all kind, and many more. He is old, vastly old, but has a kind of youthful mentality to the world. He goes through a rebirth cycle every one hundred and fifty years in which his human form changes, the current one being the teenager with blond hair, and his personality changes. This changes his personality slightly, but allows him to “forget” the emotional impact of the experiences of his very long life, while retaining his connections to people, knowledge of skills, and abilities and power. He is over twenty thousand years old, and has traveled more planes and realms than most can name. He accepts all offerings equally.

    Level: 40

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