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Bablefoot Rockkicker
  • Bablefoot Rockkicker

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    A young Gnomish Girl with long blue hair, and often wearing purple clothes, she has a cheery smile, and is a master of “weaving magicks” a special kind of magick that sinks into reality in all realms, making big changes for growth and advancement. Her weaving magick, her core focus among many that she studies, is a kind of tapestry she weaves with various strands of mystical thread. This is a slow process, taking days, and then sinking into the reality around her. Unlike bombastic magicks that create big effects, this is subtle, but very long lasting. Most magick deteriorates over time, hers lasts years instead of days, and allows subtle changes to become drastic growth over the period of days, weeks, and months.


    To give a good example of her using her skills, her home village knew an attack by a set of rival goblins was imminent within the next 6 months, once winter had let up. So she began weaving. When the Goblins arrived, the armor of the Gnomish warriors was stronger than ther weapons shattering the Goblin weapons on impact, the Gnomes were faster, stronger, and more aware. As the battle became a siege, allies began to arrive in the form of nature spirits, foxes made of fire, eagles who were masters of the wind, and things of things nature showed up. The siege was broken in the first few hours of that day, and when it was all said and done the Goblins retreated. The Gnomes had no losses, nor did their allies, and the Goblins had surprisingly few losses, which she considered a boon. The tapestry though had longer lasting affects, impressed with the Gnomish resilience, the Goblins offered a protective pact, which the Gnomes agreed to. Those tribes continue the alliance to this day nearly 500 years after. This is what one tapestry, taking around one month, was able to achieve.


    Quicker, one day tapestries, have allowed her people to avoid detection from dark shadow beings that were roaming the land, and have even been used to heal fellow gnomes who were sick. In our realm, the mundane world, her magick does not work slower than other magicks, since magick takes time to work here, but does seem to last longer, though she has said she can't publicly speak on the aid she has given humans as a matter of respect, she can only speak for herself and her tribe directly.


    She is friendly, outgoing, and adventurous. In her free time she enjoys song, dance, and having a generally good time. She tends to be a bit hyper at times, and enjoys all forms of crafts. Despite this, she is an amazingly quick study, picking up new skills the way most people can pick up a coin on the street.


    Classification: Warrior 2, Guardian 7, Guide 3, Healer 10, Mystic 10, Generalist 10

    Age: ~600 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable, but she enjoys candles the most.

    Level: 47

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