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  • Baleishin

    $320.00 Regular Price
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    A powerful Fae warrior woman, she creates weapons and armor from “Lunar Blood Metal” a lunar energy metal she makes with a mix of her own blood. She wears armor made of this, and is a powerful defender and guardian.

    Personality: She has a somewhat lustful personality, is passionate, and dedicated. She does not require romance or sexuality from her keeper, but is not opposed to it. Beyond her passionate personality, she is friendly, a bit boastful, focused, and intense.

    Abilities: Creating weapons and armor from “Lunar Blood Metal” her weapons and armor all have a bit of her own life force in them, which gives them powerful properties. The weapons cut anything except her exceptionally well, allowing her to strike with no restraint and no risk of cutting herself. The armor has unique healing properties for her as well. She is a powerful and amazing guardian as a result. Her own blood has a kind of silver color to it, like liquid metal, and she can produce new weapons as she sees a need to. The “Lunar Blood Metal” has powerful purifying forces, allowing her to heal allies by using pendants made from it, and burning the evil within the heart of enemies when cut or even in contact with it. Evil energies are deflected from this power. In terms of mundane abilities, she is good for road opening to some degree, and removing barriers, but is primarily concerned with removing negative forces and spirits from her allies and her keepers realm or direction. Many times spirits far outside ourselves influence things to come to pass or not come to pass, and she will joyously hunt those spirits down for her keeper.

    Age: ~2,600 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys all offerings.

    Level: 32

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