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Balor Longclaw
  • Balor Longclaw


    A powerful, noble, dedicated Male Red Dragon with Black mixed in. he has power over the magicks of fire, earth, ash, and metal.

    Personality: Friendly, but often distant, he can be found more often than not lost in thought, focusing on what comes next, what he must be or do next, and how he must act to be in alignment with his own ideas and ideals of right. He has a kind of dark view of the world, his sense of justice is harsh for sure, but he also feels the world needs balancing, often on his scales (his pun not mine).

    Planar Abilities: With his large size, and vast elemental powers of fire, earth, ash, and metal his breath weapons have a variety, but he is also a skilled caster. He can conjure a ball of fire in one moment, a shield of metal, or disrupt the ground into mud, to name just a few abilities he has. With his vast array of magicks and knowledge, and his deep mind, he is an amazing guardian. This however is not the limit of his abilities. He can merge with one other being at any one time, including his keepers spirit, for up to two minutes. More practice with a specific set of individuals will eventually extend that to five minutes or more (the limits haven't been tested). This is then an additive power boost for others as the new merged form will be much stronger. In testing with Golden Golem (who is around a level 40) they were able to achieve over the level 70 marker, and I could not gauge accurately the raw level of power, but guessing it to be closer to 75 or 80. More over though, his merger ability would be great for a keeper seeking to improve their own magick more innately, as each merger would improve their abilities in line with his.

    Mundane Abilities: Beyond the obvious abilities to help manifest by making changes in the planes that impact this realm, he has a vast knowledge making him one of the most capable advisors. For more practical purposes though he is excellent at removing barriers on roads, road opening, and more importantly road closing.

    Age: Over 8,000 Years

    Offerings: Any offerings are acceptable to him.

    Level: 30

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