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Beatrice Hellsworn
  • Beatrice Hellsworn


    A strong and powerful Demon Vampire Woman, with the strength of both. She is a Sorceress of great power, using dark energies to aid her in her workings.

    Personality: Bold, funny, strong willed, and dependable are all good words to describe her. She has an intensity to her, and tends to have a very leadership quality to her, however she knows when to step back and follow as well. Her presence in a room commands attention.

    Planar Abilities: She gains a unique mix of abilities from both sides of her heritage, a unique power to command lesser demonic spirits, the ability to drain energy from foes, and she can sustain herself by feeding on the elemental energy of darkness. Her magicks allow her to shape and shift the elemental forces of darkness to her will, and she can manifest almost any elemental force as a “dark element” an element that maintains the properties of its normal elemental force, but cancels out traditional elements in battle or conflict. She can literally fight fire with fire, which is a true rarity.

    Mundane Abilities: Because of her wide range of abilities she is suited to any role in the mundane, from healer to helper, guide to defender, luck bringer to road opener. That all said, her greatest strength is her ability to strip power from negative situations, leaving them with less influence over her keeper's life. She has a subtle cruelty when delivering justice on behalf of her keeper.

    Age: ~500

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but given a crystal designated for her in a dark box or bag at night allows her to draw on that power. Even more effectively when the moon is dark.

    Level: 30

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