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Bolin Gladefire
  • Bolin Gladefire


    A powerful Dark Fairy, she is expert in changing size, and shape, but generally appears as a woman with pale skin, black hair, and black wings, standing around 6ft tall. She can shrink to the size of an insect, but can only grow to about 10 feet at maximum in height. She has a focus on dark and destructive magicks, and has a harsh view on justice. Seductive and alluring, she does not specifically seek a keeper who wishes to have a more physical relationship, but is not against it, and simply wishes to serve.

    Personality: She is surprisingly friendly, calm, almost aloof in some ways, and with a witty sense of humor. She however does have a nature closely associated with her darker energy, and that comes out in times of justice. She is ruthless, having been harmed herself at some point, and has few limits as it concerns justice, mostly centered around not harming those unrelated to the target.

    Abilities: Powerful and skilled in dark magicks, lunar magicks, destruction magicks, she is also skilled with the quarterstaff, and most forms of staff and pole arm based weapons, daggers, and cross bows. She utilizes her dark magick to control the powers of death and decay, lessening it for her keeper, and encouraging it for foes. Her lunar magicks she uses more for defense and protection granting powerful shields of considerable force. She can hone raw destructive chaotic magick into bolts of power. With this combination she is great at breaking barriers, providing strong protection, and acting as a road opener for the mundane, or a protector against spiritual foes. She has a wisdom to her, and a kind of knowledge of events to come, but that is a very secondary trait, seeing things as a haze of potential futures, she helps guide her keeper toward the best ones according to their will and wants expressed.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: She prefers incense offerings, but will accept candle ones.

    Level: 27

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