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Brahama Windtail
  • Brahama Windtail

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    A phoenix made of air, she has been around since long before humanity has existed, and has traveled many planes in her journeys. She has a vast knowledge and understanding of all realms, and has worked with mystics from many areas. She's very powerful with all forms of air magick, but is also skilled in magicks of all other elemental forces. Because she is an Air Phoenix, she is the hardest of all the Phoenix types to kill, for if destroyed she becomes air, and need only come in contact with a strong wind to be reincarnated. Beyond her vast knowledge, she is a powerful healer, and skilled protector, but favors illusions and evasions, turning a foes own attacks against them rather than a direct confrontation. As a guide her greatest flaw would be she is so old she thinks in esoteric ways, sometimes talking in what seems to be a riddle, but then makes sense more as things come to pass. She has some power over future sight, and a very gentle, soft, and compassionate personality. She enjoys games of strategy and games of chance.

    Classification: Warrior 2, Guardian 5, Guide 8, Healer 5, Mystic 5, Generalist 4

    Age: Over 50,000 Years

    Offerings: Incense is preferred.

    Level: 38

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