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Brandish Skullcleaver
  • Brandish Skullcleaver


    Bold and overly powerful, Brandish is a dwarven mage warrior who focuses on destructive magicks, and has a darker sense of justice. He's harsh in his ways, but also loyal, and compassionate to his keeper. His honor code is unique, and his powerful abilities a rarity. He has a strong connection to the forces of death, and wears a death plate armor with necromancy powers.

    Personality: Harsh, gruff, focused, blunt, but also compassionate and loyal in his own way. For his keeper and those they care about he is the most dedicated of beings. Whomever decides to work with him he is considering to adopt him as family, and will treat them as family in protecting them and theirs as such. Whoever is against them, he has only one rule on his concept of justice, he will not harm children or innocents of their family line. This means the person doing wrong, is open game to anything he can throw out there, but he doesn't do collateral damage to those around them, save one exception. If the person is being aided to do harm by family members, they are as open to his retributions as anyone else.

    Abilities: A powerful warrior in his own right, he can raise small armies of the undead. He can call fallen soldiers who wish to still fight from the local environment as well as many realms beyond to aid him, and can maintain several thousand (around 2k to 3k) while still retaining his other necromantic powers. He also is a master of destructive energies, generating a kind of “anti-elemental” energy of each energy type and using it to create powerful destructive reactions with the natural elements, like matter and anti-matter colliding! Couple this with his own impressive fighting skills, often wielding an axe or hammer made of the elements of destruction and death, and he is a force to be reckonned with. For the mundane, his powers extend to calling on the wisdom of ancestors, and calling upon restless spirits who he can then task and give some rest through their service to him.

    Age: 6,075 Years

    Offerings: Any offerings, but incense is the preferred.

    Level: 32 (28 without army, 32 with)

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