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Brengadine Ironaxe
  • Brengadine Ironaxe

    $420.00 Regular Price
    $252.00Sale Price

    A beautiful sensual Jotunn woman with long blond hair, she has power over creation, healing, forming new paths, and accessing new ideas. She is a Jotunn Sorceress.

    Personality: Intense and passionate, she does not require sensuality from her keeper but is not opposed to it. Her strong emotional energies can be invigorating, and her attitude is upbeat, positive, but also focused. She is not one for giving into despair ever, and instead focuses on positive mind frames.

    Abilities: While she appears physically intimidating, she has a deep and structured mind that she uses alongside her powers to great effect. Her power over creation extends to all elemental forces, and has transmutive properties along with her healing abilities. This means there are few tasks she is not suited for, from being a guardian to clearing an area, obtaining wealth and power, or providing support for others on a larger team. All of this said, because of her ability to form new paths, she can act in a support role even while taking on a front line position, and her ability to access new ideas means in a difficult situation be it protection oriented, or overcoming a barrier in ones life, she only needs a few moments to focus and she will have new options available to her. Her Sorcery extends to other areas, including Aesir magicks, Dwarf Magicks, and Light Elf Magicks.

    Age: ~1,800 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable.


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