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  • Brightmoon

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    He is a male kitsune appearing as a young man with a fox tale, or as a fox of 4 tails. A powerful guardian, he has a number of powers and abilities that make him an excellent defender, and amazing for those seeking to advance their own spiritual arts.

    Friendly, laughing, and often joyous in his presentation he has a kind heart, and gentle soul despite his powerful protective nature. He's loyal to a fault, and a deep thinker which is in contrast to his joking nature when approached. He is not a trickster but just enjoys good humor, witty remarks, and a good rapport.

    He has an incredible fighting prowess, and is able to to create weapons of solid water and air, as well as instill power into those around him. These solid elemental weapons fly of their own command, targeting foes on a battlefield, protecting allies, forming barriers, and channeling powerful spells like blasts of lightning, ice, or raw energy. Coupled with his ability to instill spiritual energy from the Kitsune realms into others, he is not only a walking arsenal of power, but a force multiplier.

    While he is capable of most manifestations, his prime abilities are amplifying allies in our realm, meaning his keeper and those they choose. He can instill some of his power into them, helping them break inner barriers, heal damaged energetic systems, and overcome obstacles in life where the limiting factor is more internal than external.

    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 7, Guide 6, Healer 4, Mystic 6, Generalist 4

    Age: ~2,200 Years

    Offerings: He enjoys all offerings, but as a special treat a piece of candy in a glass of water works well, make sure to throw the water out after the 24 hour mark (anywhere from 24 to 48hrs).

    Level: 22

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