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Brundle Earthenfist
  • Brundle Earthenfist

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    A powerful Gnome Martial Artist who has studied the way of the “earth forms” of Gnome martial arts. He is a capable mystic, amazing guardians, and balances earth energies exceptionally well.

    Fun and friendly to be around, he has a focused mind, but enjoys pleasant conversation, debate, and advancement of himself and his skills. His sense of justice is very focused, believing that all evils should be forced to face retribution, but also balance. That justice is not justice if the one harmed has not benefited is core to his philosophy.

    Masive power over earth energies, he can strike the ground in the planes and shatter it creating mile long and deep fissures, raise his palm and form a mountain range, or shatter a piece of stone in his hand with such force it is like a thousand bullets firing at once. He is durable beyond all measure, and with his massive focus on earth energies he is an amazing healer in bringing earthen energies to his allies, as well as powerful for manifestations in the mundane realm as the earth element is primarily concerned with things like wealth and prosperity.

    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 10, Guide 7, Healer 9, Mystic 7, Generalist 5

    Age: ~850 Years

    Offerings: He enjoys all offerings, but mostly wants to hear about your day so he can aid better.

    Level: 32

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