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Bvern Dorn
  • Bvern Dorn

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    A Dwarven berserker with long red hair, and a penchant for fire, ice, and air magicks. He doesn't so much cast, as he does DRAW on the elemental powers. He often wields axes made of his elemental powers, or empowers existing axes. A furious combatant, words don't do justice the amount of raw power he wields. He can shatter barriers easily, and his strength of power and his energy increase the longer he fights and the more into the fury and rage he gets. A swing of his axe can create a torando, another swing a fire storm, and he can strike the ground forming massive glaciers, all while he moves with a dedicated fury toward his foes. He seeks only to be allowed to put his unique talents into the service of others.


    His nature, is actually kind, compassionate. He knows his power is violent and aggressive, and he curbs that by being the most gentle of souls when not fighting. When he fights though, he is furious, with power beyond imagination. The rest of the time he is gentle, and tends to have small companion animal spirits of his own who rest on him while he enjoys his pipe and a mug of ale, or reads a good book. He is the most unassuming of souls until his allies are threatened, at which point, he calmly sets aside what he is doing, pets his animals, and then changes in demeanor. His aura becomes like fire as he steps away from them, and fury is all he knows.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 5, Guide 1, Healer 0, Mystic 0, Generalist 2

    Age: ~600 Years

    Offerings: Candle offerings are prefered.

    Level: 46

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