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Caitrin Blath-Tine
  • Caitrin Blath-Tine

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    A beautiful Tuath De Danann woman who has fiery red hair, and a strong connection to the elements of fire and darkness. She is a mysterious woman who mixes magicks and essences, and is a studied sorceress. She is of a royal bloodline going centuries back, and Blath-Tine is a taken name, with the family name being one in languages unpronounceable to human ears. Her last name means Fire Bloom.

    Personality: While friendly, she may seem arrogant to many. This is simply she knows her position and power, abilities and skills. The contrast to her seeming arrogance is her incredible passion for life. This means she is herself invested strongly with the world and those she works with, and while she is sensual she does not require her keeper be sensual with her.

    Abilities: Flame and fire on a vast scale is the first of the abilities to mention. Her flames are flames of change, burning away foes in the realms, obstacles in this realm, and even things like bad karma and negative luck. What is left behind is fertile energies from which new things can grow. This means she is a powerful maker of changes, but also one who can devastate a foe, burning their energy away and then investing it to her allies. The next major ability to mention that is innate to her is her power over darkness. She wields dark energies with ease, using them to absorb and swallow up negative forces, and to negate foes powers. Her control over dark energies is vast enough to even drain dark energies from foes, and from allies who are poisoned with them. She can couple the two primaries together to create a Dark Fire, a flame that does not burn the one it touches, but instead excites the innate energy within them bringing it to the surface. Beyond this she is a master sorcerers in the ways of the Tuath De Danann and has vast nature magicks at her command.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: All offerings centered around fire, such as candle flame, are welcome.

    Level: 36

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