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Centaur is a mythical creature in Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. They are often depicted as fierce warriors, equipped with bows and arrows, and skilled in the art of hunting. In addition to their martial prowess, they are also known for their wisdom and deep connection to nature.


 Centaurs embody the balance between the wild and civilized, the spiritual and the physical. They are often called upon for guidance and insight, as well as for their aptitude for strategic planning and decisive action. They possess a deep understanding of the cycles and rhythms of the natural world and are valuable allies for those seeking a deeper connection to nature and the spiritual realm.


Working with a Centaur can help with  personal growth and development. They can be powerful guides for those seeking to find their purpose in life or for those seeking to achieve a specific goal. Their wisdom and strategic planning skills can be invaluable for anyone seeking to move forward in life with confidence and determination.


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