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Ciara Lion
  • Ciara Lion

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    With long purple hair this Tuath De Danann Woman wields powerful magicks in the form of music, art, and shifting forces all around her in accordance with those powers in unique and amazing ways. Her last name means Flax Flower.

    Personality: Gentle, passionate, and and with a sense of humor centered around irony and a bit of sarcasm and wit she has an easy presence to be around. She seems almost gentle to a fault, but underneath that is a powerful fire inside her heart, a love of life and those she is around, and a deep intuitive mind.

    Abilities: Her presence itself is gentleness, an easiness and a harmony of essence. She tends to manifest her powers through musical instruments, a flute, fiddle, guitar, or even singing. These songs manifest powerful magicks, utilizing any of the elemental energy forces of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Lightning, Ice, Wood, and Metal. Because she uses sound she can bounce the origin point of a magick, making it hard to track. When she wishes to be a bit more present in her methods, she'll utilize powerful spells made of paints, drawing seals and symbols out of artwork with the tip of a brush. Where the ink lands, pictures form, and spells cast. This wide range of magicks allows her a deep variety of powers in all realms including ours, but in our realm her most powerful ability is harmony and balancing forces through her various methods. If she has to fight, she does so through a variety of powerful spell effects over a wide area, trapping, draining, disrupting, entangling, and stripping foes of power. She can combine her art with her song to form animated constructs that will follow the sound of her music as well, allowing her to create animate servitors who obey her commands for upwards of a day from the time of their creation. This lasts a day, and its unknown the maximum number she can create. They carry some of her power with them.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: She appreciates all offerings, though having a nice vessel for the offerings (Cup for Water, Candle holder for Candles) would be appreciated and amplify her reception of them. Likewise artistic candles, or candles with pleasant fragrances are good boosters.

    Level: 42

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