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  • Coalcrystal


    Appearing as a being of pure darkness, or a cloaked figure with no face, they do not have a gender, instead seeing themselves as a force of nature. They are powerful, focused on the elements of darkness as a Dark Elemental, and are excellent in the fields of peace, protection, and such.

    Personality: They have a strange, whispy personality, and their voice SOUNDS like darkness speaking, but they are loyal, and dedicated, seeking only the best for their keeper. Their view of Justice is more “whatever suits the ideal of justice of the one I serve.” They are here out of a unique interest in working with a mortal in this plane to expand their horizons.

    Planar Abilities: Absolute elemental darkness control. This allows them to form negating shields, bolts of darkness that eat away at what they hit, protection fields, shadows that act as travel gates, and even instill dark energies into others giving them a dark armor to deflect attacks, or a cloak to improve stealth. Their dark magick is considerable and therefore can extend to many uses beyond even those listed.

    Mundane Abilities: Excellent for easing hostilities, causing peace, and putting foes at ease. They have a unique power over the mind of others, lulling the subconscious into a sense of peaceful allowance of things. Because of this essence of peace found within their dark energies there is little left outside their power to influence when it comes to people and situations.

    Age: ~2,000

    Offerings: They have no preference for or against any offerings.

    Level: 24

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