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The Cockatrice is a legendary creature from European folklore. They have the body of a chicken or rooster, which includes a long, sharp beak, scaly legs with pointed talons, and a feathered tail. Its wings are membranous and bat-like, with sharp claws at the tips that are used for both offense and defense. The head of the cockatrice is that of a dragon, complete with glowing, slitted eyes, sharp teeth, and rows of spikes running down its neck and back.


Despite its fearsome reputation, the Cockatrice can be used as a powerful conjure. It is often used for protection and to ward off negative energies and entities. The Cockatrice can also be called upon to provide strength and courage when facing difficult situations. The Cockatrice is known for its ability to kill with a single glance from its glowing red eyes, a touch from its , or from its breath depending on the type of Cockatrice. While Cockatrice are known for their deadly power,  death is more an elemental force than a certainty so should be treated as an energetic part of the being rather than an ability with certainty.


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