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Conjuration Talisman

Conjuration Talisman


If you are seeking your conjure to be bound and shipped to you, remember to select the conjuration talisman and add it to your order. This is only available for conjures in our shop. This does add a few days to a week to wire wrap a crystal or laser etch a wooden talisman. We can bind multiple spirits at the time of conjuring to a single crystal or wire wrap, but one wooden talisman is needed per conjure with the Seal or Bind Rune option.

This is also available for our TCS and CCS Servitors.

Bindrune Ralismans will use a simple bindrune for the purposes intended. Custom Seals use a more complex Custom Seal, that may use runes and bindrunes, but is ultimately more complex regardless. AI Generated seals will use a seal selected by us from a selection of 25 - 100 generated AI seals. We begin with 25 seals, and then determine if we need to generate more. Only 1 seal is selected and available to you from the AI Generated option.

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