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Three Month Reading - Short Version

Three Month Reading - Short Version


The Three Month Reading provides a discount into looking at three months of your choosing with a full tarot card reading. These three months can be "Past, Present, and Future", "Present and Future", or "The Next Three Months.

"Past, Present, and Future" meaning the previous month, the current month, and the future month and is best ordered toward the end of the month that will be the past month.

"Present and Future" has us look at this current month you are on, and the next two following.

"The Next Three Months" focuses on the next three months after this one.

Let us know any specifics you are looking into in the order comments when ordering, as well as the style of reading you are looking for!


This is the "Short Form" Version of our 3 Month reading. These readings provide less detail per card, instead of a paragraph of information for each card.

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