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Dackmire Understar
  • Dackmire Understar

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    A powerful Dark Elf Male Warrior mystic, he has black hair, pale skin, and an intimidating personality. He utilizes dark magick and decay energies to achieve his goals making him a powerful guardian, and excellent aid for any situation.

    His personality is both harsh, and impersonal in a lot of ways. He's incredibly focused on achieving goals, but does have a love of the arts of magick, and considers himself as much a mystic as he is a warrior despite his incredible fighting prowess. Despite this impersonal nature, he has innate loyalty to his keeper, and his darker view of the world means his sense of justice is on the darker side, seeing it as something decided by the person with the power to deliver it, but shying away from using power to cause harm randomly to people for no reason. This means he'll act as the hand of justice for another without issue, to the degree of their ideal of justice, but won't just go around arbitrarily hurting others without orders.

    Dark magicks and decay are his primary power. He tends to wield a long curved blade similar to a katana with a cross guard, and a shorter curved blade similar to a dagger but with a sword breaker guard on it. These two weapons funnel his magickal powers into destructive slashes, and powerful decaying cuts. His mastery of decay magick allows him to decay barriers and negative situations as easily as he does enemy armor or flesh. He also has a deep interest in the magicks of the planets of Mars, Saturn, and necromancy. He has minor ability to conjure fallen dead to fight for him, conjuring the shade/memory of them and empowering it. When using his necromantic ability he can create an additional 50 soldiers.

    Classification: Warrior 8, Guardian 7, Guide 6, Healer 3, Mystic 9, Generalist 6

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: He prefers Incense.

    Level: 27 without his soldiers, 28 with


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