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Daggerthorn Tribeless
  • Daggerthorn Tribeless

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    Lunar Dwarf Battle Rager, he is very muscular with a long red beard and hair. He draws on the moonlight energies, and can transform into a wolf, bear, eagle, or other animal forms though those are his favorites. He uses elemental powers and claws making him incredibly fast and hard to deal with on the battle field, he is a one Dwarf engine of destruction weaving in and out of enemies with a destructive fury. Thanks to his elemental powers, he can shift between one element to another, targeting weaknesses, and empowering himself with a shield that protects him from the type of element he faces at the time. This makes him incredibly difficult to deal with, as this is a natural honed ability and not a spell like effect, he can shift it instantly.


    His name comes from his choice to abandon his tribe of Dwarves when they chose to cowardly leave children behind to escape a battle field. He single handedly killed 2,000 enemies and successfully protected the children, after which he found them homes away from the tribe, and took the name Tribeless.


    He is friendly, and enjoys good song, cheer, and celebration. When not celebrating, he can be found often with a mug of ale in his hand, and resting, or training, depending on his mood and the day. He does study some magicks outside his existing set, but more to learn where he can use his abilities to overcome limits, barriers, or spells.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 6, Guide 1, Healer 0, Mystic 3, Generalist 2

    Age: ~2,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable, though setting out some mead or honey for him is appreciated in an extra way.

    Level: 38

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