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Daibhidh Slea-Fhada
  • Daibhidh Slea-Fhada


    A Tuath De Danann who wields life energies. Appearing as a blond haired man wearing green medieval clothing, he often wields a spear or pike like weapon when defending, but prefers actions of creation. His last name means Long Spear.

    Personality: Friendly, fun loving, and often with a smile on his face. He is easy to get along with, loyal, and very intuitive and empathic in nature. He is one who cares for those around him.

    Abilities: A powerful healer, creator, and user of life magicks. He uses nature and natural energies to aid himself and his allies. In the planes this means the entire forest seems to move around him, and while he carries a spear like weapon, it acts more often as a focus when casting, moving like a wizards staff around an area and moving energies all around it. His power with life magicks allows him to create temporary living constructs whom he invests with souls of previous forest beings of nature such as trees, plants, and animals who have come to call him friend and journey with him. It's unknown how many he can call forth in this way, but it ranges between hundreds to over a thousand. Most of the time he can be found with small animated plants around him, or animals who appear made of wood or stone.

    Age: Over 5,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable

    Level: 46

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