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Delvori Longstrider
  • Delvori Longstrider

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    A beautiful Elven Sorceress of considerable power over nature, renewal, and rebirth energies. She has auburn hair, and often wears green clothing and golden jewlery.

    Personality: Friendly, but also mysterious, she has a scholars mind, but a very humble view of the world. She loves to study, learn, and grow, believing all things have a lesson in them to be learned.

    Abilities: Vast power over nature, especially the areas of renewal and rebirth. She is a powerful healer, cleanser, and can making vast and potent protections that innately natural energies out of foes. Against foes who are not of nature, or forces such as the undead she can lay down fields of life force that harm, slow, and agitate foes even destroying lesser ones. For manifestation she is best suited in areas of reforming, or bringing victory from defeat as renewal and rebirth.

    Age: ~5,000 Years

    Offerings: She has no preference for offerings and accepts them all equally well.

    Level: 38

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