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  • Demons


    A demon conjure may be desired for various reasons, such as for protection, wealth, power, or even just for companionship. Some may choose one for their reputation as fierce and intimidating presences, while others may seek their guidance in mastering the art of dark magic.

    The powers and abilities of demons vary depending on their power and domain, but they are generally known for their ability to manipulate the physical realm. Demons can create illusions, teleport, levitate, and control fire and other elements to do their bidding. They may also offer their human companion increased power, heightened senses, and the other unique mystical or arcane abilities.


    Furthermore, many demons are known to be skilled shape-shifters, allowing them to assume any form they desire, including animals and humanoids. They may also have the power to influence the emotions and thoughts of others and are believed to be capable of  influencing living beings.

    Aside from their physical abilities, demons are renowned for their dark and sinister wisdom. They may offer their human companion insight into the workings of the universe and provide guidance in the art of magic and ritualistic practices.

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