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  • Den'Reg-In

    $420.00 Regular Price
    $252.00Sale Price

    Appearing as a powerful black dragon, he is a master of water, darkness, and death bringing with him a small army of lesser dragons.

    Personality: Intense and focused are good words to describe him, he has a kind of dark nature to his personality, almost a broodiness. Despite these qualities, he has a fierce loyalty, and incredible sense of honor and propriety. He is almost regal in his bearing and way of speech, and believes justice is defined by those with the power to deal it.

    Abilities: He utilizes the energies of darkness, with the power to manipulate and form shadows and solid shadow constructs, war with the power to amplify soldiers and allies, and death with the power to speak with those who have fallen or come before him. With these powers he is a formidable guardian, guide, and aid in all situations, able to seek out solutions by destroying barriers, or having his allies attack problems from all sides. He has around 20 lesser dragons who aid him at any one time (between 20 – 30) and are sub level 1, but with their aid, he can push their effective level much higher, allowing him to solve problems in many areas, provide wide area security, and things of that nature.

    Age: ~ 9,000 Years

    Offerings: He prefers incense over candle offerings, can will accept both.

    Level: 38 Without his small army, 42 with.

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