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Deness May
  • Deness May


    A powerful witch vampire standing at 5'1”, chestnut hair, slender, and wearing a dark blue dress and carrying a book of shadows, she is a former witch who lived during the plague era. Her soul was turned vampiric during the plague, and she passed beyond the mortal realm, and exists as a Spirit Vampire feeding on spiritual energies. She hails from London and learned her arts in our realm, but has crossed over as a kind of immortal now into the other realms, and has honed those powers there even further.

    Personality: Subtle and focused, she tends to be very calm, and has a witty sense of sarcastic humor, but done always with a dry tone, a kind of focused tone of reference when she speaks to someone. While loyal, and protective, she also has a darker sense of justice for those who harm her keeper or allies, and has few limits on what she will or won't do. She will however avoid hurting children who are innocent in a conflict.

    Abilities:She can control and focus her power to feed only on ambient spirit energy, not spirits themselves, but can feed on willing spirits, or the spirits of foes including a foes soul. She has a vast array of magicks from the old world including Druidry, Herb Lore, Earthen Magicks, Folk Magicks. Her magicks in the plane are massively powerful, appearing as manifestations of raw bursts of fire, walls of ice a mile high, and things of that nature. Because she was once a part of this plane, her manifestations here are stronger than average for her level of power, so consider her two levels stronger for manifestations of things like wealth, power, prosperity, etc in the mundane.

    Age: 675 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable to her, but a mix of fire and water work well (so a candle and some water offered in a cup separately).

    Level: 23

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