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  • Doppelgangers


    Doppelgangers are entities that take on the exact appearance of a living person. They have no form of their own, appearing most often naturally as a person with no face, eyes, or mouth to speak of, and with hands and skin lacking detail, often pale, or gray, though other appearances as "natural states" have been noted!


    Despite their notorious reputation, Doppelgangers have the potential to be a powerful conjuration for providing protection. They can be called upon to ward off negative energies and entities, and can provide spiritual guidance and protection. One of their unique abilities is their capacity to take on the form of others, which makes them well-suited for impersonation, and allows them to gain a deeper understanding of multiple perspectives.  They are typically perceived as a copy or duplicate of a living person, and their presence can be felt as a sense of unease or foreboding. Though they are often associated with danger or harm, Doppelgangers can also be a powerful ally when called upon for positive intentions, such as protection or guidance. With their ability to seamlessly blend in with their surroundings, Doppelgangers can move about undetected, providing covert protection and assistance. Overall, Doppelgangers can be a powerful tool for those seeking to increase their spiritual awareness and tap into their inner strength and power.


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