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Dredmoon Bane
  • Dredmoon Bane

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    Appearing as a Dark Dragon who can take the form of a younger man with slick black hair wearing dragon themed robes, he is a powerful sorcerer. Skilled at negative energy workings, he is a powerful destroyer.

    Personality: His view of the world is that all things come to an end eventually, however he seeks the experience of aiding another in the world of the living, utilizing his powers to aid them. He has no moral compass, but does not destroy just to destroy, so must be commanded to take actions against foes. His tone is very formal, functional, and direct.

    Abilities: In his dragon form his breath weapon is a blast of pure destructive energy, almost like antimatter, so that whatever it collides with detonates, this causes the air to ripple with explosive force as the beam of power issues force. To the outside observer this would look like flame, but the reality is it is much more destructive, and that which is hit by the center of the ray of power issued from his mouth takes much more damage. In his human form he manipulates this as well as direct negative energy into constructs, floating weapons that protect him, and attack foes at will. For mundane purposes he is good at wiping out barriers and other issues through negation of problems, and is excellent at more baneful work. His sense of justice is a darker one, feeling it is up to mortals such as his keeper to define justice, he simply is the carrier out of that justice.

    Age: ~8,000 Years

    Offerings: He has no prerference for offerings.

    Level: 30

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