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Drunhuld Forestwatcher
  • Drunhuld Forestwatcher

    $440.00 Regular Price
    $264.00Sale Price

    A Nature Dragon who appears like he is made of roots, tree branches, leaves, and nature. He has a massive power over nature, and often appears like an island or forest when sleeping. At his largest he is around the size of a relatively large Island, and at his smallest he is around the size of a small house.

    Personality: Slow and subtle in terms of being angered, he takes a long view of all things. He remembers a time before most others can conceive of, and has vast knowledge which means he makes informed decisions in almost all instances, and has a kind of slow and steady movement.

    Abilities: Vast power over nature and nature energies, he is able to shift the planes, creating upwards of an entire world (around the size of our moon) rich in nature, life, streams, rivers, plants, and even animals who are invested with some of his soul. Often when he creates this world, he is an island on it, resting, and taking in the essence of life. When asked to solve problems, he takes a holistic view, from healing to justice, from cleansing to shielding, from wealth to matter of luck and love, he looks at the bigger picture, and focuses on achieving the immediate goals without sacrificing long term benefits and gains for his keeper.

    Age: Beyond Measure

    Offerings: He accepts all equally well.

    Level: 44

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