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Durida Leafborn
  • Durida Leafborn

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    A powerful trickster elf man who is hansom with deep black hair, and often sporting a wicked smile on his face.

    Personality: Funny, quirky, and easy going. He is a comedian at heart, but refrains from playing tricks on his allies. Instead he prefers to trick enemies, and to use his tricks to gain advantages for friends.

    Abilities: His magicks are all about altering reality in some way. In the planes this often means number substitution, for example, changing someones swapping someones weight and age to make them suddenly easy to move or throw, as well as much older or younger. These effects are temporary, and it really depends on if he's stronger than a foe if he can use them. Other methods would involve things like using a unique interpretation, for example, turning a bastard sword into one that doesn't cut, making it one his foes would cuss out with the appropriate term for not cutting, or anchoring a Sledge hammer to a near by ledge making it a Ledge Hammer. These kinds of word pun magicks give him a lot of variety, and allow him to turn defeat into feats of success frequently.

    Age: Over 2,000 years, but it's hard to pin down an exact time as he's actually reset his own timeline a few times.

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings equally well, but will be thrilled if you tell him a new joke you've heard, even if it isn't particularly a funny one.

    Level: 42

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