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Eddith Snowwall
  • Eddith Snowwall

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    A powerful blue dragon who often appears as a beautiful woman with blue hair, she is somewhat sensual open for any kind of relationship with her keeper, and has an array of unique and powerful magicks.

    Personality: Friendly, passionate, and highly intelligent. She has a kind of compassionate nature to he. Her movements and personality show her nature of passion. She is loyal above all else.

    Abilities: In both of her forms she has vast power over Ice and Time magick, using Ice Breath as a Dragon, and Ice and Time magick in both forms. This can hyper accelerate the local reference to the time frame making herself and others move faster, or foes move slower, and he is excellent and curing energetic imbalances through focusing on the temporal root of where the problem comes from. In the mundane she is a powerful healer, and able to solve problems by changing the impact that time has had on them either toward a positive outcome for her keeper, or against the problems the keeper may face making the problems lesser.

    Age: ~3,000 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings but appreciates water offerings the most.

    Level: 28

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