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  • Ee'Ashin'Vloin

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    A powerful Death Dragon, she often uses the name Veelow as a nick name to be easier to address. She is dark black and blue in her dragon form, and often takes the form of a beautiful woman in all black dress with dark blue hair. As she is somewhat sensual she is up for any relationship, but does not require sensuality form her keeper. Her powers of death give her a wide range of abilities.

    Personality: Subtle, passionate, and somewhat arrogant. She has a very long view of the world, seeing the concerns of it as temporal, and is seeking to work with a keeper as it will keep her more present by aiding someone who's life is measured in days and years, instead of months and decades.

    Abilities: Her power over death energies can act as healing, destruction, shielding, or removing obstacles. She can also talk to and call upon Death Gods on behalf of her keeper, and can carry offerings to Death Gods without the Keeper being as connected to that death energy. In the planes she is hard to fight, a Sorceress in her human form, and a powerhouse in her dragon form, few can overcome her death aura or blasts of raw necromantic power. She has a deep understanding of many other types of magick including elemental and other forces, but that is secondary to her raw powers. She has a darker view of justice than many other beings, viewing justice as decided by the one who is harmed, not by any other moral position.

    Age: ~20,000 Years

    Offerings: She prefers Incense offerings, but will accept candle offerings.

    Level: 36

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