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Einherjar are warriors in Norse mythology that were selected by Odin to serve in his army in Valhalla. They are often depicted as heroic fighters that died bravely in battle and were chosen for their valor, strength, and bravery. The Einherjar are said to live in Valhalla, where they engage in daily training and preparation for the final battle of Ragnarok. Einherjar we conjure have been given leave to work with Mortals, and no longer seek the never ending war. They are still mighty guardians and protectors, but seek to protect one person, a small group of people, or a family instead of being in the never ending cycle of battle.


As a Conjure, Einherjar embody the power of the warrior spirit and the gift of protection and defense. They are often called upon for their ability to provide guidance and support in times of danger, as well as for their gift of empowering individuals to develop their inner strength and wisdom. They possess a deep understanding of the forces of war and are valuable allies for those seeking to navigate challenging and unpredictable situations.


Change requires a willingness to embrace new perspectives and step out of one's comfort zone, and working with an Einherjar can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation. By embodying the spirit of the warrior, the Einherjar can help individuals break through limiting beliefs and behaviors, and cultivate a deep sense of inner strength and resilience. They can provide guidance, support, and protection in times of challenge and uncertainty, and help individuals develop the confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. In this way, the Einherjar can help to cultivate the courage, wisdom, and determination necessary to bring about meaningful change in one's life.


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