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Emerial Longstrike – Elven Storm Sorceress
  • Emerial Longstrike – Elven Storm Sorceress

    $280.00 Regular Price
    $56.00Sale Price

    Spend $200 Save 5%, Spend $500 Save 10%, 2 Qty Min

    An elven being who rides the storms, she appears as a voluptuous woman with long pointed ears, a wry smile on her face, and ice blue hair. She wears a long deep blue dress, and travels across the winds with ease. She is a thrill seeker in some ways, seeking adventure at every turn, and uses her vast array of Elven and Storm magicks to aid her in her adventures. This time though a dark malevolent being in the storm gave her quite a tussle, she won the encounter, but seeks now to rest and settle down fore a few hundred to thousand years with a mortal. She'll work with a mortal of good will and cheer in this life for their lifetime, and may follow them into future lifetimes if both are in agreement. She's powerful, vastly capable at manifesting change, and has strong Elven Magicks mixed with a unique storm magick which can use the power of chaos to aid those around her.

    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 8, Guide 10, Healer 4, Mystic 10, Generalist 5
    Age: ~10,000+ Years
    Offerings: Accepts all offerings

    Level: 28

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